Established in 2017, our crew has been working in false eyelashes production since 2010. Together we formed Beseen Co.,ltd with our head office in Hanoi. We share the idea of becoming a leading company that brings Vietnamese False Eyelashes to the world, to be recognized as premium brand with cruelty-free and sophisticated products.


Workers are our advantage as they are skillful force who share with us desired goals as our products delivered all over the world. It is made clear every day that false eyelashes to be developed continuously, never satisfied with one achievement, we make our products even better one after another. That’s how we can adapt to the world of demands for making more beautiful of window to the soul each day from our dear customers.

To make sure our product to be the FIRST choice when thinking of makeup for the eyes, we import the best quality hair directly from Korea and Japan and we build our strong vision in our partners’ eyes so that they can adapt to our strict requirements for our input.

So come to us, you would fall in love at first sight with our products, and use our false eyelashes extension, love would fall in you at first sight. It’s just the way of exaggerating, but we guarantee to offer the best lashes that perfectly fit what you ask for. Because you are as a customer know best, what is perfect look for your eyes that reflect your personality, and we just follow your lead. That’s all we do. That’s all we succeed for.


As a manufacturer in this industry, we are very proud to be the creator of First Eyelashes brand. We want each of our lashes have their own story to tell. Start with us and be part someone’s life for the rest of their life cycle is very important to us. Acknowledge of that, we as top level to very fundamental worker line never stops advancing our proprietary production process. First Eyelashes will be the reflection of market demand, the new trend and the innovation.


In 2023, we expanded our horizons by launching Litra Natural Cosmetics, a new production line dedicated to beauty products. Alongside this, a dedicated factory now operates under the watchful eye of Beseen Co. Ltd.’s Cosmetics department. We approach this industry with the enthusiasm of a young lion, but with a deep commitment to long-term beauty solutions. We believe in co-existing with nature and strive to create products that benefit both people and the environment.

Our cosmetics act as a conduit to achieving healthy, lasting beauty. We view your skin as a precious gift, and our mission is to help you cherish and nourish it using the best nature has to offer. Our products harness the power of natural resources to protect and nurture your skin, aligning perfectly with our slogan: “Beauty from nature, peace for skin.”

Whether you’re blessed with naturally strong, healthy skin or facing skin concerns, Litra has something for you. Our natural formulas can enhance the vibrancy of healthy skin and actively regenerate and protect skin that needs extra love.

Our head office is located in Hanoi city and our factories are in Hanoi and Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. We are capable of fulfilling order of scales and we welcome opportunities to cooperate with our potential partners.