Cream Remover

Non-acetone product that lessen eye irritation

Non-acetone featured cream helps removing eyelash extensions safe and sound

Soft cream typed material

Soft, creamy formula that doesn’t drip.

Further more, it is less likely to get into the eyes, then it can safely removed

Caution when use

  • Do not use for purposes other than eyelash extensions
  • Keep the lid on after use
  • if there are side effects such as allergy or skin trouble on the applied area, consult a doctor


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  • Product Glue Remover
  • Name Cream Remover
  • Capacity 10g


Apply an appropriate amount of remover to a cotton swab.
Apply it to the eyelashes to be removed and wait for 1 to 2 minutes.
Gently remove the lashes with a cotton swab.


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