Korean PBT Filament Premium

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  • Materials: Korean PBT filament 
  • Type: Solid, hollow, flaggable, non-flaggable, corrugated
  • Certificate: SGS
  • Features: Perfect elasticity, Good winding property, high temperature resistance, sheeny, substance, various and stable colors, better rigidity, anti-water, anti-solvent, better shine.
  • Shape: Level, Tapered
  • Color: white, black, yellow, blue, silver, gold, green etc. various colors
  • Thickness:0.05 – 0.2MM
  • Length :30MM – 100MM
  • Carton and pallet
  • Applications: used for Eyelash and Cosmetic Brush and so on.
  • M.o.q: 50kg

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1 đánh giá cho Korean PBT Filament Premium

  1. Maria Kowalska

    Hi, can you order a sample of pbt fiber 35mm 0.05, 0.07, 0.10?

    • beseenlashes

      Hi, yes sure you can. Please add our whatsapp by this number for further discussion: +84914280397. Thank you

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