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Korean adhesive for eyelash processing

Korean adhesive for eyelash processing

Hello December, we have come so far to this point and it’s time to review our special glue for eyelash extension that can satisfy the hardest experts, who have used our products for so long.

There are 5ml and 10ml bottle, both are no different in quality but the capacity. So far, our customers have chosen 5ml for their best convenient and it’s easier to store.

As to the view of our dear clients, 1-2 seconds and 3-4 seconds of speed are the most suitable for their customers and also super comfortable for them to apply eyelash extension on customers. But for some newbies, they prefer adhesive speed of 5-6 seconds.

Glue itself also has 2 identical colors: Transparent and black. Up to this point, our report tells that black one is best selling in comparison with the other one. Maybe this is because black one can be best suitable with false eyelash applied on the eyes.

Here comes different bottles and cap styles, you’re able to choose various colors of your desired cap. At the moment, gold cap is very decent and luxury that most of our customers have ordered. Besides that, we also have red, pink, white, black, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple …

In term of storage, our glue has 5-6 weeks or 7-8 weeks retention.

Whatever the features of the product that you want, we can deliver the exact criteria you desire. So wait no more and contact us soon to have the best offer and more details.

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